Dry Age

Tradition on everyone's lips

«Dry-Aged Beef» is a currently popular culinary term. Meat lovers appreciate the unique tenderness and flavor that careful long-term preparation and aging of various tenderloin cuts creates. What we so trendily call "Dry Aged" today is actually nothing new. The term refers to the degree of maturity of the meat and it is a centuries-old aging technique used around the world.

As the meat matures, it hangs protected in a climate controlled cabinet of cool air to allow the escaping moisture to evaporate. This creates a dry layer that protects the cut while enhancing the flavors. The meat becomes darker, softer and consequently remarkably tender. The aging process takes up to eight weeks and up to 30% of the original weight is lost in the process. "Dry-Aged Beef" is not only absolutely unique in terms of flavor, but naturally also somewhat more expensive than non-aged meat.